The Deluxe Jumbo Dinky Deal $6600.00 7 Consecutive 12HR Days in Studio A • Climate Controlled Oversized Tracking Room (21’x16’x12’) • Three (3) Isolation Rooms • 64 Track…
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About Me:

The story behind Dinky Music and how it came about is basically the familiar story of taking what was learned the hard way, and using that knowledge and experience to help others.

My name is Billie Stevens and I am now proud to say that we (myself and a partnership of talented people) have opened Dinky Music Recording Studios in Corona, CA. This building houses 3 fully equipped Pro Tools based recording studios, CD duplication, Merchandising and so much more. This facility was designed and built based on experience from years of working at some of Los Angeles' biggest studios. We have incorporated great ideas that we have collected along the way, as well as recording techniques from producers and engineers noted for platinum record after platinum record.

And most important, the reason for Dinky Music and Dinky Music Recording Studios. Incorporating characteristics and the work environment of major studios at unbelievable prices is what makes Dinky Music different. I am sure most of us have friends or know someone with a converted garage that has a computer and a microphone and will record you for dirt cheap, but we are talking about professionally trained engineers and the same equipment that is in all of the big studios. With that, please look around our site and decide for yourself.